Baby Book of Meme


Baby Bome is a comprehensive project aimed at cataloging and exploring the vast world of internet memes through a unique lens. Unlike traditional meme databases, Baby Bome focuses on categorizing memes based on symbolic representations, allowing users to delve deeper into the meanings and contexts behind these symbols.

How This Meme is Different from Other Memes

Baby Bome stands out by categorizing memes based on symbolic elements rather than just textual or visual content.
This approach allows users to explore the underlying meanings and cultural significance of memes beyond surface-level humor.

Meme Utility

Symbolic Exploration

Baby Bome provides users with a platform to delve into the symbolic meanings behind internet memes, fostering a deeper understanding of meme culture.

Educational Resource

 It serves as an educational resource for individuals interested in studying internet culture, semiotics, and communication in the digital age.

Research Tool

Researchers and academics can use Baby Bome to analyze trends, patterns, and the evolution of memes over time, contributing to the field of internet studies.

Fun Facts

– Baby Bome features a dynamic “Meme of the Day” section, highlighting a different meme symbol each day along with its history and cultural significance.
– Users can participate in quizzes and challenges to test their knowledge of meme symbolism and compete with friends for the title of “Meme Master.”
– Baby Bome periodically hosts meme-themed events and contests, encouraging creativity and community engagement within the platform.

* Baby book of Meme *

Investors and stakeholders can be bullish on Baby Bome due to its potential to become a central hub for meme enthusiasts, researchers, and educators alike. With the increasing importance of internet culture and digital communication, Baby Bome has the opportunity to carve out a unique niche in the online world and attract a diverse user base. Additionally, partnerships with academic institutions, meme creators, and brands could further enhance its visibility and revenue streams.

Tokenomics & TAX


PHASE - 1 (Q1 2024)

Idea, Website creation, Creating Baby Bome NFTs, Creating Contract, Whitepaper Preparation, MarketingProject Launch, Token Distribution, and Initial Exchange Listings.

PHASE - 2 (Q2 2024)

Pinksale Whitelist Presale, Pancakeswap Launch, Ave and Dexview #1 Trend, Dextools and Dexscreener TOP 10, Moontok-CNToken-BSC Trends, Coinmarketcap Fasttrack, CoinGecko Fasttrack, 1500 Holders Platform Optimization, Community Governance Implementation, and Marketing Initiatives.

PHASE - 3 (Q3 2024)

NFT Marketplace Launch, Youtube Marketing, Tiktok Marketing, X Marketing, CEX Listing, 5000 Holders, Introduction of New Features, Partnerships, and Increased Adoption.

PHASE - 4 (Q4 2024)

Tier 1 CEX Listing, Airdrop for Community, Aggressive Marketing, 10.000 HoldersGlobal Expansion, Cross-Chain Compatibility, and Continued Innovation.

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